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    1. 1 room in PENTHOUSE suite (STUNNING VIEWS OF NYC)

      One room for rent in a 2 BR flexed penthouse suite. Stunning views of Manhattan (see pics!) Amenities: Fitness center (has free weights, machine weights, and cardio equipment), laundry, doorman, elevator, pool table, study lounge, and dry cleaning in building. Roof with stunning views of New York City and a barbecue/grill. Immediately next to Starbucks and Grocery Mart. You would be sharing the apartment with a 25 year old male roommate who works as a financial consultant for Ernst and Young.

      2 Bed
      1 Bath
      Pets Not Allowed

    2. Kittens ofChampion Lines

      Royal Plush Brits Cattery offers kittens for sale of rare colors and champion lines. Kittens come with contract of sale, health certificate, TICA registration and pedigree, and a kitten starter kit. Visit our pages at www.instagram.com/RoyalPlushBrits_Cattery www.facebook.com/RoyalPlushBritsCattery

      Breeder Offered

    3. Traditional Siamese Kitten

      3 Month old Traditional Siamese Kittens. Fully weened and litter trained ready for their new home. Adorable, loving, well socialized, very playful and a joy to have around. They are raised around children and have the run of the house never been cage. I’m not a breeder and I don’t keep my kittens in a cage. They and the parents are strictly indoor cats.They are feline leukemia, FELV, FIV and HW negative. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns

      Owner Offered

    4. Easy  Home  Work  With  No  Fees ,  No  Selling  And  Huge  Money


    1. Life Coaching Parties

      Hello, I'm a life coach and I will come to celebrate your bachelorette/birthday/christening or any event and give an hour of life changing information on being a newlywed, growing older, raising a new baby/family, New Years resolutions, we can be hands on with games to make entertaining while getting great information you can use for the rest of your life! Isn't that great, packages for a ...

    2. Ceramic &; Pewter Serving Platters

      One platter is leaf-shaped,ceramic, and made in Italy. It is 16 inches long and 11 inches in diameter and is a deep dish platter. It is in excellent condition. The price is $25. The second platter is 16 inches long and 11 3/4 inches in diameter. It is made of pewter and was created by the well-known Reed & Barton. The price is $16.

    3. Vintage Collectible Bakelite Radio

      This table/portable lunch box size tube Motorola Radio, Model 5A 7A, circa 1948, is 7 inches wide, 4 inches deep, and almost 5 inches high. Most of the face of the radio is made of bakelite. It has some spotting on the top and rear of the radio. It is being sold as is and may not be in working condition. The price is $25. A second radio is a 1985 Black Salton AM Wet Tunes 3 Model shower ...

    4. Vintage Toaster
      Please Contact

      The toaster is a Son-Chief 680 Model. It is well over 50 years old and was still in working condition when last used. It is missing one of the four balancing knobs. It is priced at $15.

    5. Vintage Colorful Print Tablecloth

      The pictured polished cotton tablecloth is circa 1940/1950. It is in excellent condition and measures 51 inches by 35 inches. Also available are damask, cotton, cross-stitch and game(good for bridge, canasta, and mah jong)tablecloths. There are round, square, and other rectangular size tablecloths available. Many of the tablecloths come with matching napkins, and there are other non ...

    6. Vintage Hand-Embroidered Tablecloths

      These hand-embroidered cross-stitch tablecloths were hand stitched by my mother in the 1940 and 1950s. They have NEVER BEEN USED and normally, cross-stitch tablecloths ARE NOT AVAILABLE IN RETAIL STORES. Some have white backgrounds with colored stitching and some have colored backgrounds with white stitching. They are 76 inches by 58 inches. They are priced at $62 each and where ...

    7. Vintage Round Tablecloths & Doilies for Sale

      The pictured are samples of the many tablecloths and doilies available from the 1940s and 1950s. The first tablecloth that is shown is 54 inches in diameter. The cost is $32. The second picture shows a 56 inch round plastic tablecloth. It has never been used, has fringe, and is the prettiest plastic tablecloth I have ever seen. The price is $12. The two pictured large doilies are 27 inches ...

    8. Vintage Guest Towels
      Please Contact

      THE PICTURED ITEMS ARE FROM THE 1940S AND 1950S. The first picture is a cotton guest towel that sells for $6. Pictures 2 and 3 show hand embroidered pure linen towels that were made in Germany. They sell for $10 each. The last picture is of a terry cloth towel that sells for $5. Also for sale from the 1940s and 1950s are aprons, damask, print, and cross-stitch tablecloths, matching ...

    9. Beautiful Jade Necklace
      Please Contact

      For sale is a jade necklace with handpainted beads and a gold clasp. It is priced at $35. Also available is other costume jewelry such as other necklaces, bracelets and cuffs, pins, and earrings. Some of this jewelry would be appropriate for tweens and young teens. Most of these items sell for $10-20. Some are vintage and some are modern.

    10. Closeout Sale on Tablecloths

      This is the time to buy your tablecloths. All square and rectangular tablecloths(except all cross-stitch} will be priced no higher than $27. The sale includes tablecloths that are made of cotton or damask. Also available are round tablecloths, runners, as well as a large selection of matching and non matching napkins. Below are pictures of some of the tablecloths available. The second ...

    11. Vintage Mexican Onyx Figures

      Shown are two pictures of Mexican onyx figures that sell for $20 total for both pieces. These items are from the 1950s.

    12. Swiss Music Box for Sale

      This Swiss music box WAS PURCHASED IN SWITZERLAND AND NEVER USED. It is a Swiss chalet, plays Jesus Christ Superstar, and is 5 by 3 ¼ inches.

    13. Vintage Men's Ties
      Please Contact

      Wear the ties that a typical "madman"(ad man) of the 1970s and 1980s wore. Many of the ties are from well known Madison Avenue men's stores of this era such as Bancroft, Custom Shop, etc. Additionally there are imported ties made in Europe from Great Britain, France, and Italy. Pictured is a sample of the ties that are available. There are thin, medium, and wide ties--many made of silk. ...

    14. 1950s-1960s Classical & Other Records

      The following 33RPM classical records are in excellent condition and are primarily from the 1950s-1960s. The last listed record--Lucia di Lammermoor ,which includes a partial autograph by Roberta Peters, sells for $10 for the 2 disc album. THE REMAINING RECORDS ARE PRICED AT ANY 8 DISCS(a 2 record album counts as 2 discs) FOR $20. 1. Stravinsky Ebony Concerto-Concerto Dedicated to Woody ...

    15. Vintage Cigarette Boxes for Sale

      These vintage cigarette boxes are over 60 years old. One is onyx-like and the other is made of brass. They sat on a smoking stand for years. The price of each is $30. The last three pictures show the brass box, which has a painted enamel top, dark wood interior, and flower etchings on the side.

    16. Atlanta Braves Jersey-XL,New with Tags & Men's Short Sleeve Golf Shirt

      This quality Atlanta Braves extra large jersey by Russell has never been used. It sells for $40. With it at no extra cost is the pictured Atlanta Braves Chop. This brand new size large short sleeve golf shirt is a hole in one. It is cotton and features golf balls and golf clubs and is ideal for the golfer who is proud of his game. It sells for $13.

    17. Vintage Picture Frame and Picture for Sale

      This vintage picture frame is 18 by 32 inches with glass covering and obviously includes the picture. They are probably 60 to 70 years old and are a steal for the money. The price is $40.

    18. Apron Choices for Wearing and Crafting

      Shown is an apron like the sexy French maid wears in the movies or in a Broadway show. It is vintage from the 1940s or 1950s. IT IS IMPERFECT AND SELLS FOR $7. Also AVAILABLE FOR CRAFTERS ARE OTHER IMPERFECT APRONS WHOSE PARTS OR BODY MIGHT BE USED FOR MAKING BETTER APRONS. These aprons will be sold for minimal amounts. The second picture is a carpenter's apron. It HAS NEVER BEEN USED, ...

    19. Closeout Sale on Vintage Dishes & Kitchenware

      You have your basic set of dishes and are now looking to fill in with other dishes and kitchenware. This is the sale you have been waiting for. ALL ITEMS MUST GO. ALL REASONABLE OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED. Most of these items are from the 1940s or 1950s. For sale are: Rice bowls Wooden salad forks and spoons Serving trays Cheese and butter dishes Candy and nut dishes Relish dishes ...

    20. Vintage Cross-Stitch Bridge Tablecloth

      This 32.5 inch by 32.5 inch cross-stitch bridge tablecloth would make a truly unique gift. Retail stores do not sell either bridge tablecloths or cross-stitch tablecloths. This HANDMADE tablecloth from the 1940s or 1950s HAS NEVER BEEN USED and is the only cross-stitch bridge tablecloth available. The price is $40 for the tablecloth,and four pictured napkins(each 10 inches square)are ...

    21. Vintage Colored Napkin Sale

      Pictured are colored napkins from the 1940s and 1950s. MOST HAVE NEVER BEEN USED, AND MANY STILL HAVE THE ORIGINAL PRICE TAGS. Most of these napkins are cotton or linen and are priced from $4 to $8 each. Matching and non matching tablecloths are also available as well as white napkins. The white on the third picture is the original tag. The 4th through 7th pictures are cross-stitch ...

    22. Vintage Boxed Handkerchiefs

      Available are vintage boxed handkerchiefs from the 1940s and 1950s. Most sets have three in a box and are priced from $25 to $30. It is possible to make up your own boxed set which would be priced according to the handkerchiefs that you choose. Below are pictured some of the sets that are available.

    23. Special Vintage Handkerchiefs

      Pictured are some of the many beautiful vintage handkerchiefs that are available. Some date back to the 1940s and 1950s. Most sell in the $4 to $9 range. The first pictured handkerchief is by Jean D'Orly of Paris, and the last picture shows a box of handkerchiefs(circa 1940 or 1950) from which individual handkerchiefs can be purchased. The sixth picture shows a children's handkerchief. ...

    24. Vintage Collectible Children's Books

      Pictured are vintage children's books that are from the 1944 through 1966 period. All books have beautiful illustrations and ALL PAGES ARE INTACT. Individual prices are listed and most sell for $12 or $13. 1. No-Good the Dancing Donkey Rand McNally by Dorothea J. Snow; Junior Elf Book 1944 Good Condition-$13 2. Willie Woodchuck Pied Piper Books 1946 Fair Condition Binding Loose-$12 3. ...